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Whether you’re a Nerd/Geek or anything else, this is a safe community for those with depression and anxiety.

Want to Know How You Can Kick Depression in The Face?

Throughout this website, you’ll find tons of help for coping mechanisms with anxiety and depression, my personal journey of being put on medication, and then of course…tons of anime fan theories and cosplays. Anime and manga has actually HELPED with my depression.  Every time I see a new episode released, or a new fanart or fanfiction, I’m given hope. For just that brief moment…I’m happy.

Each week, there will be blog posts strictly for mental health and self-esteem, but those will be in a separate category that you can find in our menu.

Need more anime merchandise? Go ahead and check out The Nerdy Girl Anime Store here!

Go ahead and read our blog here for cosplay tutorials, fan theories and coping mechanisms.

No matter what, we CAN kick depression and anxiety in the face!

And as always, keep smiling.