Best Sailor Moon Merch For All Us Guardians


Sometimes we just want more anime/otaku merchandise to add to our collection. And sometimes, we just want to look really cute! These Sailor Moon items will let you show your obsession in style. 

Sailor Moon Merch

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  1. These adorable Luna and Artemis handbags

2. Guardians Fleece Pullover

3.  Tee and Shirt Combo

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4. Kawaii Notebook

5. Zippered Wallet

6. Selfie Stick

7. Make-up Brush Set

8. Cute Brooches Set

9. Harajuka Sailor Moon Jacket

10. Pocket Watch

11. Cute Umbrella

12. Cozy Shirt

13. Iphone 6 Case

14. Liquid Glitter Phone Case

15. Backpacks

What do you think? Do you already have some of the cute items? You might like our Best Halloween Cosplay Article. Go ahead and let me know in the comments below! 

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Keep Smiling! 

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