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How to Be Happy 

For some of us, being happy is almost elusive as finding a silver and pink polka dotted unicorn that speaks your language.  Whenever I think of my goals, the ONE main thing I always have, the one thing I always wish for during birthdays and dandelions…is to be happy.

Really, truly happy.

But when you have depression and anxiety(as well as a list of other ailments) being happy can seem like an unattainable faraway dream. 

how to be happy again

If you have read the blog before, you might have heard me mention how much I love the Happiness Project. It was a book I found online and it changed so much for me. It wasn’t a cure-all, but really nothing is. We’re all given a cocktail of different things that are supposed to help our anxiety and depression…and eventually, we find something that works. 

How Hard is it to Be Happy Again?

For me, I’m already an HSP(Highly Sensitive Person) and the Myers-Briggs Test classified me as an INFJ-T which is actually rare(less than 1% of the population) but I’ve found more and more of us lately. I jump at EVERYTHING and when I jump, I usually start swinging as well.  I can’t STAND being yelled at, or even just HEARING someone say something mildly condescending or accusatory(couples arguing in a restaurant, tv shows that have bullies and then people crying) and it was a long time before I realized what it was.

Being happy can seem like such an overwhelming chore. Just something that can’t be done. Especially with depression…it’s scary to think of how familiar and comfortable that dark abyss can feel. 

But first, what is being happy to you?

I’m reminded of that scene in Disney’s Rapunzel when they start singing ” I have a Dream”. Even Flynn/Eugene had a dream of being alone on a deserted island surrounded by bags of money. Sure, he was singing to avoid being killed or seriously maimed by the tavern thugs, but he still had a dream. 

Is being rich and alone your version of happy? Maybe it’s finally having your dream life: content and comfortable with where you are, no longer stressing over work. Maybe it’s not HAVING to work to barely make ends meet or finally finding your significant other. 

You can say that you want to be happy all you want, but you need to know what your happiness is first. That’s how you plan and how you’ll receive it. 

One thing that seriously helped me was having a routine in the morning. I work from home and my mental health wasn’t improving when I couldn’t separate work from home life.  Now, I set my alarm for the same time every day(give or take half an hour. I’m still human and adjusting to morning hours!) and I wear pants to work. Or, at least, I’ll wear clothes that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer the door in. 

I highly recommend The Happiness Project for anyone trying to figure out what their happiness is. It has helped me and I KNOW it can help you as well. For anyone wanting to know how to be happy again, give it a read! You can buy your own copy of it here

You can also check out your personality type here to see if you’re also an INFJ-T.  I’m what is known as the “advocate” and it’s pretty cool to see how well they can peg you in a nutshell. 

No matter what, you’re not alone in this and can do this!

As always, keep smiling! 



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