Luka x Adrien: Who is Better for Marinette?


Luka x Adrien: Who is Better for Marinette?

*Spoilers for New Miraculous Ladybug Episode 12*

With this past episode, “Captain Hardrock”, we were finally introduced to Luka Couffaine. And the reactions from fans went crazy on Facebook and Twitter. Some people jumped ship and went straight to Team Luka, while others stayed loyal to team Adrien. Others even started a pairing for just Adrien and Luka…total bromance. While others simply couldn’t decide.

If you have seen the episode, who do you think is better for Marinette?

We all know how desperately in love Marinette is with Adrien. But after watching this episode, it was odd and even a bit relieving to see her get nervous and stammer around someone else that isn’t our precious cinnamon roll child.

My friend Denielle said it best with this review:

 “Finally watched Captain Hardrock, and this is my review: I’m a little down,but it was a good episode,though I was intent on seeing a jealous Adrien,there was character development, with Marinette’s straying eyes, and Gabriel’s cactus heart lessening its thorns,just a tiny bit. I am an eternal Adrinette shipper,though I have to admit,Luka is somehow who we want Adrien to be like—Blatantly appreciating Marinette for Marinette,not as Ladybug. He makes her feel admired for her civilian self without being stuck on her alter ego. Even Alya doesn’t harbor disapproval for her best friend’s confused emotions. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk,our dear Adrien. Better step up your game.
I completely agreed with her. When Luka saw Ladybug, his first reaction wasn’t to gush over her but to ASK about MARINETTE.

And I mean, look at them together…

Luka Vs. Adrien: Who is Better for Marinette?

Luka Vs. Adrien: Who is Better for Marinette?

Who is Better For Marinette?

Not to mention, Luka himself is a great character. I like how sweet and kind he is. He sees Marinette as herself and I’m hoping that he’ll stay in the series. Which reminds me that we haven’t seen Lila again, or Kagami. I’m wondering when everyone will come back. Or if they even will. Maybe there will be some type of final showdown and everyone will appear for that episode arc.
But the episode itself showed some interesting points. We did get to see a softer side to Gabriel Agreste, which definitely makes me a little concerned. While I’m happy he’s being nicer, he IS still Hawkmoth and is going to eventually hurt his son, intentionally or not.

Here’s what some Twitter users are saying:

I’m in love with this guy faster than I thought

Me: No! Bad Marinette!! You can only fall in love with Adrien!!

Also me: Fine. Just one…. episode

Another me: But should I ship Luka x Adrien?

Luka Vs. Adrien: Who is Better for Marinette?

 Who is the Winner? 

I guess we’ll have to wait for further episodes to see where this goes. While we know that Adrien and Marinette are meant for each other, and will end up together, it’s interesting to see where this will go. I’m hoping that this will help Adrien see more of who Marinette is as a person and not just her Ladybug persona.

Well, on the bright side, we did get to see Nino again! He had been strangely absent during the last few episodes. Which was odd for someone who is supposed to be Adrien’s best friend.

The next episode,  ep.13, is Zombizou, which, coincidentally, will be on April 13. Friday the 13th. Is this a sign that something bad will happen?? Because of Zombizou=Zombie+Kiss. Miss Caline Bustier(we finally know her first name!) will be akumitized then.

What team are you on? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Maryanne

    June 15, 2018 at 1:56 am





      June 1, 2019 at 4:20 pm

      It would be interesting to see if Luka ends up with Kagami since we know she has feelings for Adrien now. As a character, I really like them both! And don’t want to see anyone hurt but I know it’ll probably happen. Adrienette is end game so…


    November 18, 2018 at 5:36 am

    The thing is I love that Luka likes Marinette for Marrinette, but I also appreciate luka because he is genuinely caring for marrinette. Adrien put LADYBUG on a pedestal, but is to blind by ladybug’s perfections to actually see the one that is always by his side no matter what, I shipp adreinette, but I really don’t think it could happen…😔. I think the fact that marrinette always gets nervous and studders around Adrien is something that shouldn’t happen. You should feel comfortable around the person that you are interested in emotionally. Not feel like your going to die by saying a word to them. As we see, Luka makes marrinette feel at ease and comfortable around him. As she can sit back a relax as Luka strums his guitar. Overall I think Adrien just isn’t the right person that marrinette can wake up with everyday, Inthink Luka will make her feel more special as he is just a normal human being, who can make marrinette feel worthy of positions or hobbies she would like to fulfill.


    November 25, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    I totally agree with this! It’ll be fun to see what the creators are intending to do to make their relationship grow. I really like Luka and with them both being creative, it could be a fun dynamic!

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