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It’s been a little over a year since I started blogging. And even longer for me to start making money off of it. I’ve been a huge otaku for as long as I could remember but never believed that I could make money off of it. Here’s the thing…blogging, no matter what niche you’re in…is HARD work. There have been so many days that I’ve worked until 5am in the morning and then started back up again at 8am.

It’s so easy to fall down that rabbit hole. So often, I felt like my little corner of the Internet didn’t matter and nobody was going to be reading my blog anyway. I wanted to pull my hair out and throw my laptop across the room while having a good cry. But I didn’t. Still…I was tempted.

Niche blogging is powerful

When I first began, everyone and their sister were blogging about blogging. All those Facebook groups were useless to me since I couldn’t find one single otaku.  I know. I tried. And that really messed my blog up in the beginning.

For example, me being a huge geek who writes about anime fan theories is probably part of this blog’s draw rather than a turn-off. Now that I actually avoid those blogging Facebook groups, and go where other nerds and otakus are at, I get more followers and readers.

It takes time.

hate when people say this. “It will happen over time.” But sometimes, it’s true. Growth takes TIME.

If something doesn’t work, it’s good to change it. But it’s also important to give certain things time before you decide whether or not something works.

Don’t be afraid to change things to work for you.

If there’s one thing I realized this past year, it’s that I’m the queen of change.

  • I rebranded practically one million times. When I first started this blog, it had MAYBE three posts about anime and the rest were about health and depression.

Is this something you want?

Do you love writing?

It’s not too late to start a profitable blog (seriously). I’m fortunate to have turned my love of writing into its own job. And that includes learning about other skills including branding, social media, email marketing, and community management.

Best part is that anime can be one of those niche’s that can be done a thousand times over. And it HAS. I love finding new anibloggers since everyone has their own voice.

best anime food you can eat for a cheaper and affordable price!

Ahem…moving on. Here’s what I use.

First, Bluehost. You want a self-hosted blog so that you can place your affiliate links and ads(if you choose to do so). I went with them because I knew people there personally. My roommate worked in their customer service department and I’ve never had any issue with it. I’m looking at switching to Siteground though, specifically because they’ve been rated number one for site speed and that’s one of my main issues.

Affiliate Links

What are affiliate links? It’s basically you placing someone else’s product on your page, and if a person buys it, you get a percentage of the cost. Say you place a product on Amazon on your page. Somebody buys it and there you made a few cents to maybe a dollar or two. No matter your traffic, you CAN make some cash off your affiliate links.

Affiliate links are the main way I make money through my site now and I plan to stick with them!

One thing I learned though, especially with Amazon links, is you want to promote like crazy that product. I used to just put them all in one place and that was it. Naturally, I got no bites. After I did a review post though, on one of the items, I actually had people buy that item. I was so happy, I seriously cried.


How Do I Make Money?

Right now just through affiliate links. I just started writing for other groups, but I’m in a trial run still, so I’m not including those yet. But if I get approved(one more article until I pass!) then I can get paid for sponsored posts and that brings in even MORE.

These are the affiliates I use…


Of course.  Everyone loves Amazon and people already trust the site. That means you’ll get more clicks there.


J-list: Your friend from Japan is…interesting. I like all their products but their commission rate is really low. Like, just a few cents for every dollar. And they do have some mature products, which I do NOT endorse or promote, but if someone goes through my link and then buys another “mature” product, it shows up. I stick with their items such as Japanse food and figurines.

See what I mean? They have some awesome products like Pokemon bento boxes and tons of yummy food!



Kawaiibox is a subscription box and I LOVE them. Everything is so cute and adorable. And you absolutely can afford it! Just look at some of the cute products they offer each month!



These are the groups that I write for, and absolutely love them! They're all such great teams I highly recommend that ya'll go check them out! They have some great writers on their team! You can do guests posts as well, or sponsored posts that can help bring in some extra income. It all depends on your preference.



So, to answer the question...YES, you CAN make money anime blogging. With some hard work and effort, you'll get there!

As always,

Keep Smiling! 


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